The latest edition of River Prom was easily the best one! I had such an amazing time hanging out with everyone, enjoying a few beers, cocktails and a few tequila shots. The dance off between morning show traffic dude Jan Shimek and Aurora’s Finest Officer Weaver was the epic moment of the night, but it wasn’t the best story.

After just one song, Paul Windsor of the Paul Windsor Orchestra stopped to address the crowd, telling the story of Dan and Paulina (I’m only about 80% sure on the names, forgive me, my memory is a bit foggy). He mentioned that Dan and Paulina are celebrating their 52nd wedding anniversary. How cool! Windsor continued to explain that the couple had also missed their own high school prom years ago. The reason: Dan was deployed overseas fighting in the Vietnam war!

Instantly, tears and goosebumps filled the room. The band welcomed the couple for a special dance to a song they had requested specially for this moment: I Can’t Help Myself by the Four Tops.

My biggest regret is that I didn’t catch up with them later in the evening to ask them some questions and listen to their story.

Shame on me.

It was a really special moment during a very cool night! If you have photos, I’d love to see them! Drop them in the comments lower down on this page!