Baseball umpires…you are officially on notice.  You may be replaced…by machines.

I was a baseball umpire in my youth.  Called balls and strikes and was in the field.  It is harder than you think.  The umps in the Major Leagues try their best,  and yes…some of them like to think people came to see them. (Joe West)  As it turns out, MLB will be experimenting with radar-tracking technology to call balls and strikes in some portions of the Minor Leagues. It will be implemented gradually over the 2019 season.  Umps will wear earpieces to receive results of the computers call, but can override if they wish.

Do you see this as the future of baseball?  Are you in favor of this or not for balls and strikes? I will say this…consistency is the key.  And some of these baseball umpires need to get taken down a peg.  If you are complaining about the umpiring…and making yourself the star of the game instead of the players…you need to go.

~ Tim Thomas