Rock and Roll and Cheese — now THAT’S life!

Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  Here’s something you might wanna check out.  Because of the Grammys this weekend, Aldi stores this past Wednesday rolled out some special Happy Farms cheeses with names that’ll have any fan of 80’s bands reaching for their wallet.  And they don’t cost an arm and a leg!  More like just a fingernail.

For fans of River Rock and Roll, favorites would have to be “Sweet Cheddar of Mine” and “Pour Some Gouda on Me”!  But there are other pretty cool ones, like “Wake Me Up Before You Goat Goat” with a couple of cartoon goats that look pretty Wham!-ish.  Or “Total Eclipse of the Havarti”.

Here’s a little article about it:

Hey, maybe these would make a good Valentine’s Day gift!  (But if your special one doesn’t appreciate it, I never said that.)

Now not to brag, but I’ve thought of a couple of my own.

How about a Bon Jovi themed one called “Livin’ on a Provolone”?

Or Bryan Adams — “Summer of Swiss and Wine”.  (I threw wine in there to make it sound more like sixty-nine, but who cares.)

And who wouldn’t enjoy the pungent aroma of J Geils “Limburger Stinks”?

And finally, this one’s a little cheating because it’s not 80’s, but why not “While My Gorgonzola Gently Weeps”.

Yep, they should’ve gotten in touch with me before they rolled those out.