Rock n Roll & Marriage Actually Can Go Together.

Rock n Roll and marriage don’t often seem to go together. The lifestyle, the travel and the temptations can be tough on a relationship. I mean I’m no siren for great relationships and I’m no rock star, but the music business is tough on ones personal life. The lyrics from the Journey song Faithfully says it all, “They say the road ain’t no place to start a family”. That would seem to be true, but I’ve found an exception and it’s where you might least expect it. It’s with a member of Guns n Roses. Duff McKagen and his wife Susan have been married for over twenty years, have two daughters and are the epitome of love still in bloom. It’s a great story and one that gives hope to all that love can last and or is still out there for anyone looking.

Duff McKanen and Wife Susan Reveal The Secret of Their 22 Year Marriage.