Roll up for the mystery tour!

In Britain, when a carnival barker or someone like that uses the phrase “Roll up”, it usually really means walk up, come on in.  But in this COVID-19 age, concert-goers might just actually roll up — in a car.

Concerts were one of the first things to go when the coronavirus pandemic hit.  But Denmark is bringing them back – in drive-in form.  The Danish city of Aarhus recently hosted a ‘drive-in‘ concert featuring singer/songwriter Mads Langer, who performed for a sold-out crowd of 500 cars in a stage built on a parking lot.

This was an actual concert, mind you.  Not a concert film.  But just like drive-in movies, concertgoers tuned in to the sound via an FM radio transmission.  The show was a big enough success that organizers are planning to hold more.

And now, the trend might come to the US!   Electronic musician Marc Rebillet will test the waters here for the first time.  Beginning next month, Rebillet will headline a seven-date tour. In addition, short films will take the place of opening acts!


Some experts have predicted that large concerts might not return for more than a year, so this might be a good idea.  Now we just need to get rock artists on board.