Ronnie Spector Was…..Wow!

Sex in the cinema, sex on TV, sex on the airwaves! Someone call the FCC. Well not really! Sex has been part of media (movies, television & music from each off their inceptions). Whether applied or actual, sex has been there and will continue to be. Hey, it’s all part of life, right! This week we lost a very sexy, talented and unique performer in Ronnie Spector. For me she’s one of those boyhood fantasies that happened the first time I heard her sing and the first time I saw her perform on TV. There was just something about her and then there’s that song : “Be My Baby”. I was toast! I sadly never got to meet her, but have been a fan for all those many years. I found this piece written about movie and TV sex and Ronnie’s contribution. Check it out. I think you’ll like it! I did!


Ronnie Spector And “Be My Baby” Became A Pop Culture Sound Of Sex In 1987