Forget those cotton candy grapes! Driscoll’s is releasing a limited edition “rosé” strawberries and raspberries just in time for warm weather (we assume that’s going to happen sometime soon).

Now, according to the official description, there is no mention of the intention of the berry tasting like wine.

Our new Rosé Berries™ have a unique, complex flavor that will heighten your summer berry dishes. The blush color comes from a natural blend of light and dark berries mixed with the power of the sun.

Rosé Berries™ contain sweet, peachy notes capped off with a soft, floral finish that’s as delicate as a rose. Plus, their smooth, silky and creamy texture perfectly complements a hot, summer afternoon.

It seems the only thing “rosé” about these new berries is the pink hue. Although, it does bring out some different flavor profiles and textures than we are used to from normal strawberries. Either way, it will be a fun item to impress your guests at your next soiree…or whatever.

I’ll have a beer.