Rules at Casinos are INTENSE!

I had a lot of fun broadcasting live down at Hollywood Casino Joliet yesterday giving away our last few pairs of Lynyrd Skynyrd tickets, who play tonight at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Tinley Park. The casino’s staff couldn’t have been more pleasant and accommodating, especially their marketing coordinator Jennifer who took care of us. Seriously, look at this bar!

I already knew casinos were very serious when it comes to following rules and protocol, but I don’t think I was prepared for HOW serious they are (I don’t get out to casinos much, unfortunately)!

First, the radio station staff had to enter through a special door so security could check all of the radio station equipment bags to ensure we weren’t introducing any contraband into the casino.

Then, since we were not allowed to drink or gamble while we were there on professional business, we had to trade in our IDs for vendor badges. I was Vendor 230, by the way.

Then we were making plans to notify the winners when we pulled their name. It was suggested that we would announce the winners names of the casino’s PA system. That was not allowed either for reasons that are way above my pay grade!

Also, after we pulled the names of the winners, the names had to be checked against some data base to ensure they met some eligibility requirements (again, way beyond my understanding). Once the names were cleared, it was only then can we announce the names.

Once we were done with the event, we asked if we could pull the station vehicle to the front entry gate instead of going down some winding corridors to the special door we entered. Nope! Security had to check our bags again. How did I forget that! Oh, and we needed to get our IDs back!

I knew casinos were no joke when it comes to security, but it was super interesting to get a small peek behind the curtain. It makes total sense too, with the amount of money that is changing hands in that building, its no wonder they operate with an abundance of caution.

Like Hollywood Jennifer said, “Everything that happens in a casino is between you, God and security.”

And there was also this awesome guy!

I hope you have as a good a weekend as this guy!



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