Sailing Ships Above And Below The Sea!

I’ve always been a history buff. Loved reading about our country’s past and the people that made it possible. I’ve been fascinated by discoveries at sea of great shipwrecks that have been found in amazing deep waters like when they discovered the Titanic or the discovery, recently of the HMS Endurance discovered more than a century after it sank off the coast of Antarctica,  apparently intact and in good condition. They have discovered ships that sank in the great lakes over a century ago. These finds give a glimpse into life from the past and also what happened to end these particular ships reign on the seas. Now the discovery of a 207-year-old whaling ship in the Gulf of Mexico is shedding light on the history of its Black and Native American crew members in the early 1800s. More light into the past and the world from 200 years ago.

207 Year Old Whaling Ship Discovered.