Saving the homestead from the dreaded woodchucks!

I know a woodchuck or groundhog or whatever doesn’t sound like that big of a deal.  But they don’t belong in the house!  Especially when you own dogs bred to hunt badgers.

I’m kind of a late sleeper, so this morning my wife was up before me, as usual.  Suddenly around 9:00, I heard her screaming, “Get out of here!”  Followed by “There’s a woodchuck in the house!”  Plus the dachshunds were going nuts.  I popped out of the sack pretty quickly.  Turns out the dogs had the thing cornered under the couch.  It was trying to get away, but with two dogs on it, it had no way out.

Finally, my wife was able to get one dog away, so then the woodchuck was able to escape out the door.  The other dog ran after it, but it got away.

Both dogs did need a stitch or two, but they’re basically OK.

But here’s the other amazing part.  Check out these pics of the “crime scene” (behind the couch) before and after we (mostly my wife) cleaned up the blood, hair, etc.



If she ever finds herself unemployed, she might have a future with the mob, cleaning up inconvenient situations.