Saying Goodbye to 2020

Hi this is Leslie Harris filling in for Mitch Michaels. Happy old year!

2020 has been quite the year. On top of COVID and the election, I had some personal tragedies like the passing of my mother in April, the passing of my nephew in February, and some difficult personal relationships. But it wasn’t all bad.

I went skydiving for the first time! Even though I’m on furlough from my regular shifts, I’m grateful to still have both of my jobs. My husband, my kids and I are all healthy. My high school youth group has been able to continue online, and we’ve even had zooms with youth groups in other parts of the country. I fostered at least 14 cats this year, and transported dozens of cats and dogs from high kill shelters to rescue agencies.

I’m also grateful that my husband has been able to keep working from home, and I’ve gotten to spend more time with my kids. We’ve had more family dinners, family movies and family game nights. I’m choosing to focus on gratitude and the good.

Tell me all the good things that happened to you in 2020, and have a wonderful new year!

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