Saying Goodbye to The Grobber

I’m just devastated over the loss of this dear man.

Sure, everyone knew Les Grobstein as the voice of sports in Chicago, for as long as I can remember. But to me, he was a friend.

I worked with him at WLS-AM, and again across the hall when I was was at ROCK 103-5 and he worked for WMVP.

He took me to my one and only football game. Bears versus Vikings. He let me use some of his frequent flyer miles to travel to Minneapolis with him, got me press credentials and had me sit in the press box with him. Let me tell you, it’s really hard to not make noise at a football game while everyone around you is working!

When I started at the River, it was fall, and I was doing a remote broadcast that had to do with the Bears. I’m not a big sports person, and even though I hadn’t talked to him for a long time, Les took quite a bit of his day to tell me everything I needed to know so that I would sound like I knew what I was talking about!

Go with God, my friend. Thank you for the difference you made in the world. You will be remembered well.