Scientists Have Created Soundproof Wallpaper. Wait until you see what it’s made of…

Crazy stuff here.  Not sure I’d want to know that my wallpaper, even though it’s soundproof, is made from Moth wings?  Yuck.  Read on…

If you’re tired of trying to sleep, and hearing your neighbors . . . blaring Bang a Gong (Get It On), or, you know, actually gettin’ it on . . . there’s exciting news out of the U.K.:

Scientists there have found a way to create SOUNDPROOF WALLPAPER.  And they used moth wings as their inspiration.

The scales on the wings absorb noises, and the researchers believe this can revolutionize noise-canceling technology.  So instead of bulky soundproofing panels, they could achieve an even-better result with ultra-thin wallpaper.

Moth wings can block out around 87% of sound waves . . . even when placed against a hard surface like a wall.  It’s too early to say when the new technology might be applied to new products.  (The University of Bristol)

(It’s also a shame that it took them until 20 years after wallpaper went out of style to figure this out.  But, maybe wallpaper is primed for a comeback!)