Searching for Bats at Joliet’s Pilcher Park

I know, I know. After five hours of hyping it up, I didn’t attend the first rock concert in Chicagoland since the pandemic started. Trust me, I wanted to! But, I just can’t say no to the cute face above even if those mugs below were calling my name.

In lieu of the concert, I took my five year old son into the middle of Pilcher Park in Joliet to learn move about bats!

The Forest Preserve District of Will County held a program called Searching for Bats which was supposed to be held last week, but alas, the rain had other ideas and it was rescheduled for yesterday.

It was a lot of fun though! We sat around a campfire listening to bat stories and roasting marshmallows. We learned about all kinds of bats, including the 13 different kinds that live in our area. Then we took a short hike to go spot some of them ourselves. They even let us use these cool bat detectors that can hear each species unique frequency.

Sorry I missed the show, but when your son wants to go learn about bats, you go learn about bats!