See A Norwegian Viking Ship This Saturday!

Hi it’s Leslie Harris. Did you know that there is a Viking ship in Geneva, Illinois? You can tour The Viking this Saturday!

This ship was built in Norway in 1892 to 93, and was copied after an ancient Viking ship.

The ship is about 78 ft long, 17 ft wide and 6.5 feet high from the bottom of the keel to the gunwale. Iron rivets fasten the planks together, and it traveled at about 10 knots.

In 1893, The Viking sailed from Norway to Chicago, and became one of the greatest attractions at the World’s Columbian Exposition.

It is now housed in Geneva, Illinois, and you can tour the ship with a docent this Saturday from 10 – 4:30, at Good Templar Park in Geneva. You might even meet a viking! Get all the details HERE