So this morning I saw a headline which made me do a double take… it said … Man Attacks Convenience Store Employee With A Banana.   Well needless to say that instantly made me think of a particular Monty Python sketch.  If you aren’t familiar with it … have look … you’re bound to have a laugh.

So then I started reflecting on the comedic genius of the Python lads and how brilliant so many of their sketches were.  Everyone knows about the Dead Parrot sketch which takes place in a pet shop – but have you seen the cheese shop sketch?  That is deliciously funny!   The Ministry of Silly Walks is one of my personal fav’s – John Cleese’s crazy long legs doing silly walks in a suit and bowler hat is legendary.  I really can’t say what is my personal favorite there are so many…. but this one is probably up there.


The Iowa man who was arrested on New Year’s Eve for assaulting a convenience store clerk with a banana caused about $1,000 worth of damage to the store (I’m guessing that wasn’t just bananas).   I hope whatever caused his banana-rage gets sorted out, but I would like to thank him for reminding me of some classic Monty Python sketches.

One last bitter sweet thing I wanted to share was that the if you happen to be walking by the Angel Inn in London you will see this rather fab plaque honoring late Monty Python member Graham Chapman who really was a very naught boy!