Seltzer Festival Coming to Lemont

It’s called Seltzerland. And it’s coming to a local golf course this weekend!

It was originally supposed to take place at stadiums across the country, but like a lot of pre-pandemic ideas, it had to be re imagined. So what is a good place to hold a gathering of a a realtively large amount of people. A place with plenty of room to allow for social distancing. Why, golf courses of course!

So on August 29th, seltzerheads (just made that up…like it?) will decend upon Cog Hill Golf Club in Lemont to sample the best at what the bubbly, boozy beverages have to offer.

Attendees will receive a commemorative cup, but all of the sampling will be in disposable cups, and food will be packaged in advance. There will be 50 hard seltzers to sample from the big boys (White Claw, Truly, Vizzy, BABE, ) to local(ish) brands (Solemn Oath, Naperville; Short’s Bewing, Michigan)

Vendor booths will be spaced 150 feet to 300 feet apart and each will be equipped with hand sanitizer. Levenstien encourages attendees to wear comfortable shoes, as there will be lots of walking between each tasting. You will literally be walking hole-to-hole, sipping and learning as you go – sorry, carts are not available!

Forbes has a great write up on some of the things you can expect when you attend.

Tickets start at $42 for general admission, but are nearly sold out. There’s also a VIP package.

Oh…and don’t forget your “sippy mask.”