Senate Passes A Bill Making Daylight Savings Time Permanent.

Spring forward, Fall back! Have you had enough of this nonsense or are you in to it? The whole changing the clocks thing doesn’t bother me as much as how early it gets dark after we Fall Back. I’ve often wondered why they just don’t make daylight savings time permanent. Just the phrase itself is a positive Daylight Savings Time. Politicians should be running to scoop that one up and apparently they finally have. The Senate has passed a bill that approves Daylight Savings Time Be Made Permanent. It’s called The Sunshine Protection Act and it passed by unanimous consent! Oh my, our Congress or at least the Senate may have actually gotten something right and done something for us, The American People! I know careful! It still has to go through the House, but come on man….don’t screw this up!!

Senate Passes A Bill Approving Daylight Savings Time Be Made Permanent