Seven Food Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

I am going to share these with my wife as soon as I get home.  Some of them are absolutely brilliant!

Check ’em out.

1.  You can keep avocados fresh if you store them in your refrigerator with an onion.

2.  Use a waffle iron to make grilled cheese.  It’s quicker, less messy, and leaves holes in the bread to soak up your soup.

3.  Use a koozie when eating a pint of ice cream.  It keeps the ice cream cold, but your hands warm.

4.  Steam vegetables while cooking pasta.  Put a baking rack down on top of the pot you’re making pasta in.  Then pile your veggies on top of that rack, and put a lid over them.  The water from the pasta should steam them about as fast as the pasta cooks.

5.  Use a muffin tin for taco toppings.  No cooking involved with this one.  Just put each one of your fixins’ in a different part of the tin.  Then you’ll only have one dish to wash.

6.  Use an air fryer to cook frozen pizza one slice at a time.  Just cut a frozen pizza into slices, and pop one in your air fryer for a quick snack.

7.  Use an old ketchup bottle to make perfect pancakes.  Clean it first, and then fill it with batter.  Squeezing it out gives you more control than pouring it.