Seven Quick Hits on the Tragic Death of Bob Saget

The Internet is still reeling from the sudden loss of BOB SAGET.  There’s no new information on a cause of death, but here’s the latest on what people are talking about:

1.  Just last week, Bob was a guest on a podcast called “A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan”, where he talks about contracting COVID-19.

Bob describes the virus as “not good” . . . and jokes about which strain he might’ve had.  He also jokes about dying from Covid.

It’s unclear when he contracted the virus.  He did sound like he was under the weather on the podcast, but that said, he did perform on Saturday night, so he’d apparently recovered.  Or THOUGHT he had.  

(There’s UNCENSORED audio, here.  Skip to the 14:30 mark.  He jokes about dying of Covid at 17:20.)

2.  Yesterday, the police released the 911 call.  A hotel staffer had found his body and called to report an “unresponsive guest in a room” who had “no pulse” and was “not breathing.”  They checked on him because he was supposed to leave earlier that day, and his family was unable to get ahold of him.


He was found on the bed . . . and he was “cold to the touch, yellow, and clammy.”  There were no signs of trauma, foul play, or drug use.  This was at around 4:00 P.M. local time.  He’d last used his key to enter his room at 2:17 A.M. that morning.  The authorities did find some medication, but it was all basic stuff . . . “ibuprofen, antacid, [and] an antihistamine.”

3.  The initial autopsy was completed yesterday, but the results are inconclusive, and pending further investigation, which may take 10 to 12 weeks to complete.

4.  Jodie Sweetin . . . Stephanie Tanner from “Full House” . . . put out a really touching tribute, where she called him “the best TV dad ever.”  She also promised to tell an inappropriate joke at his funeral, because that’s what he would’ve wanted.

5.  Bob died on what would’ve been his late sister’s 75th birthday.

6.  Bob reportedly talked to his wife Kelly Rizzo on the day he died.  A source says he was excited after performing a great show on Saturday night.

7.  Bob’s touring partner Mike Young said Bob “seemed great” before death.  He says everyone was “blindsided.”