Should a Husband Pay his Wife to Have a Baby?

This is a great question and with the situation as it is for the couple involved in this story, I think, yeah, he should pay his wife.  What do you think?  Read ON!

You have to make sacrifices when you have kids.  And a lot of it tends to fall on the woman, especially when both people are working.  So what do you think about this?

Some guy posted on Reddit after his wife told him she’ll only have a baby if he agrees to PAY her $50,000 to do it.  Here’s why . . .

Both are big earners.  They make about $175,000 each.  They’ve been together six years and aren’t legally married, but they did a commitment ceremony two years ago.

They’ve always kept their finances separate and split everything 50/50, including their mortgage.  And they both want kids.  But she recently found out that when she goes on maternity leave, her company will only pay 50% of her salary for six months.

Because of that, she thinks he should have to help out financially and cover $50,000 of that salary.  Otherwise, she’s the only one taking a financial hit.

She also found out she can take an additional six months off, but won’t get paid at all.  So if she decides to take more than six months, she wants him to pay another $50,000.

People online are split about it.  Some think it’s a fair request since they’ve always kept their finances separate.  But the guy says it just feels gross and “transactional,” like she’s asking him to bribe her to have a baby.

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