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Should an 83 year-old woman be dating a 33-year old guy?

Read this story then listen to the audio from the show attached below!  This 83 year old is a cougar and glad to be.  She only dates young men.  I say, go for it.  Why not?  I love the fact that she never approaches any guy, they come up to her.  Rock On!

An 83 year-old New York grandmother, named Hattie Retroage, made headlines yesterday after Metro UK did a story about her being on Tinder in order to hook up with younger men. The grandmother of two is a former dancer and was married for 25 years before she and her husband split.

Hattie says she tries to sleep with as many young men as she can. ”Cougars, as I see them, are not beasts of prey, they are an exquisite animal. I’m never on the prowl. I never approach a man, men always approach me.”


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