Should they stay in 2022 or Go On into 2023?

The New Year is a great time to reboot . . . and one website is asking which cultural trends should continue on into 2023, and which should be kept back in 2022.  I think 2, 3, 8, & 10 should go.  What about you?

Here are the ones they picked, and how people voted:

1.  Charcuterie Boards.  77% of people said they should continue on.  (They didn’t ask about BUTTER BOARDS, which were 2022’s new fad.)

2.  Parting your hair on the side.  73% said it should continue.

3.  Using the term “Karen”.  57% said that it can continue to be a thing.  (It’d be nice if people stopped acting like “Karens,” but as long as they are, I guess they should be called out . . . as annoying as it is.)

4.  Crocs.  The rebirth is real.  52% want them to stay.

5.  Pumpkin spice stuff.  49% said they are NOT ready to give it up.

6.  “Auto-play when streaming.”  46% said it’s worth keeping around.

7.  The term “bougie.”  45% are fine keeping it.

But there was a big drop-off after that.

8.  Gender reveal parties.  Only 29% of people want them to stay.  (It’s worth pointing out that they only polled people who have not already been killed in a gender reveal party gone wrong.)

9.  Classic movie remakes.  Only 22% are still interested in seeing them.

10.  The saying “Do it for the Grams.”  Only 7% want it to live on.  (To be clear:  This isn’t about doing odd jobs like raking leaves for grandma.  It’s doing something just to post it on Instagram.)

11.  Listening to audio on your phone in public without headphones or earbuds.  Only 5% don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.