Should We Ban Dogs from Sticking Their Head Out Car Windows?!

It almost seems cruel to NOT let dogs do this.  They just love it so much:  Florida is considering a new law that would make it illegal to let your dog stick its head out the window while you’re driving.

Everything in it is supposed to keep pets safe and prevent animal cruelty.  The window thing is just one part of it.

For example, it would also make declawing cats illegal in Florida . . . bar people from driving with pets on their lap . . . and ban the sale of rabbits in the lead-up to Easter, because so many people abandon them later on.

It’s debatable whether those things are good ideas or not.  But most people seem to think the window thing for dogs goes a little too far.  If it passes, pet owners would be hit with a second-degree misdemeanor for letting their dog do it.

People who support the bill say it would keep dogs safer in cars.  For what it’s worth, experts DO caution people against it.  They suggest at least buying them “dog goggles” to protect their eyes from debris.

It’s not clear if the bill has enough support to pass.

Further reading on the subject: Newsweek / WFTV / OW

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