The answer is no!

Frontier Airlines just announced they would allow their flight attendants to receive tips. Obviously, it’s not mandatory, but it is now an option on those little tablets we use to pay.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t appreciate the service that flight attendants provide! It’s a high-stress job that requires the individual to wear many hats — hostess, server, safety instructor, and sometimes first responders and crisis managers! It’s a hard job, and many do the job with smiles and positive attitudes.

But here’s why we shouldn’t’ tip. They make decent money already!

The reason we tip waiters, delivery drivers, etc is because they don’t really make that much money (or maybe they don’t make money because they accept tips?). But the average salary for a flight attendant is over $50,000. Pretty decent wage, I’d say. Should they make more? Maybe! If the airlines feel like they should allow tipping, maybe just pay them more instead?!

Should we be tipping flight attendants? What other profession would you not mind tipping?