Should We Bring Back Duels for Politicians? A Missouri Senator Wants To

Politicians can’t seem to work together on anything these days, and they all just fling insults.  But is this solution too drastic?

A Republican politician in Missouri wants to bring back DUELING! Yes, just like Alexander Hamilton’s famous duel with Aaron Burr.

History lesson: Burr shot Hamilton in the stomach, and he died the following day.

Nick Schroer is a state senator and member of the Freedom Caucus.  He just proposed a new resolution to bring it back.

Here’s the proposal.

It says if a senator’s honor is, quote, “impugned by another senator to the point that it is beyond repair,” they should be able to formally challenge them to a duel.  It goes on to say they’d submit the challenge in writing, and the senators would need to “agree to the terms of the duel, including choice of WEAPONS.”

It says the duel would take place on an agreed-upon date, “in the well of the senate” at high noon.

Newsweek has a story on it, too. It really comes down to the in-fighting between Republicans in the Missouri senate rage on, and some are using these types of measures to slow down normal proceedings.

Obviously this is never gonna happen, but what if you limited the weapons they could use?  Like maybe paintball guns?  Or what if they had a slap-fight, where each person was armed with a large-mouth bass? Even a rousing round of rock-paper-scissors?!  I’d tune in!!