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Earth Day 2019. How Can We Help?

    It’s Tim Thomas in for Nick and it is Earth Day 2019!  Yes, our planet needs saving.

    Many of us try and recycle what we can.  It is a start.  But only 31% of us do that.  We should try and get that percentage higher.  I am guilty of that too…in fact the average American throws out 5 things a week that could be recycled instead.

    I use a reusable water bottle as often as I can and avoid straws whenever possible.  I do think it is cool that 83% of us would be willing to pay more for a product if it was more environmentally friendly.

    These are small things but we should make a effort to try and save the planet in any way we can for our kids and future generations.  Maybe plant a tree today.  Every little bit helps.  For a link to events locally this week to help click HERE

    ~ Tim Thomas