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Sign That You’ve Made It: Interviewing Inanimate Objects

I had the pleasure of joining the fine folks at Gerald Hyundai in North Aurora on Saturday for a live broadcast. While at these live shows, I try to come up with some fun things to do…so I thought, why not interview a car!? “What an original idea,” I thought to myself, then told everyone else around me! After very little discussion, I grabbed a microphone that was attached to nothing, and we found a beautiful Santa Fe who looked like she had a story to tell.

This marks the second time that I’ve interviewed something during a remote that isn’t a human being. Nearly a year ago when I was live from the UFC Gym in Naperville, we happened to find a turtle sitting in a flower pot on the sidewalk. Being the naturally inquisitive person I am, I just had to document his story. Being the unorganized person I am, I have no idea where that video is, so you’ll have to trust me when I tell you how spectacular it was!

Oh, also at Gerald, I was busted for playing video games before my shift was technically over. In my defense, we only had 10 more minutes, and it was Madden…so…

My next live broadcast is June 15th in Oswego for Prairie Fest. I wonder what I’ll interview then…


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