Signs Of Spring Are Already All Around Us!

Yeah…it’s cold. Rainy. Snow is certainly not out of the question in the near future. So why should we even start to entertain the idea of Spring!? Well, because Mother Nature herself is starting to give us signs that it’s not too far away!

Megan McMahon of the The Forest Preserve District of Will County points out a few of nature’s signs that Spring is right around the corner:

🌞 LONGER DAYS – This one’s kind of obvious, but we have about an hour more daylight than we did a month ago!

🌳 THE TREES ARE PREPARING – If you look  closely, you can see some subtle changes that our foliage is preparing to break free! Buds are starting to form on trees, and this is also prime time for maple syrup making! Tree sap really starts to flow this time of year, pushing up nutrients into the higher reaches of trees to prepare it for Spring growth.

🐦 BIRDS MAKING THEIR WAY BACK – You may start to see Springtime birds like cardinals, robins and others start to be a bit more active.

🌱 CERTAIN PLANTS ALREADY BLOOMING – There are certain plants that don’t bother to even wait for Spring before they start to bloom! One of them is the nasty looking skung cabbage…ew.

🐸 FROGS LOOKING FOR LOVE! – Perhaps a tad bit early, but it won’t be long before frogs begin to look for romantic acquaintances. If you live by a pond or lake, you’ll know…

Read more about the signs of Spring here in the western burbs on the WCFPD’s website!

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