Six facts about the new at-home COVID-19 test

It looks like the FDA has approved a COVID-19 at-home test kit.  The at-home test will help more people determine if they have the virus without endangering medical professionals, which is excellent.

Here are six things you should know about the at-home test:

  • The test will go to health care workers and first responders first.
  • You have to complete an online screening in order to get the test.
  • The test cost $119.
  • The test is a nasal swab. They send you everything you need in the test kit as well as a video to watch.
  • You send your swab back through FedEx.
  • You see your test results online.

Again, hats have to go off to not only health care workers, but researchers as they scramble non-stop to come up with things like this.  And let’s not forget delivery people (post office, UPS, FedEx, etc.) that are also putting themselves in harm’s way in order for us to have some kind of normalcy!