Six Money-Saving Tips from Frugal People

A Reddit group called “Financial Independence” has a weekly thread where frugal people share tips and hacks for saving money.  Here are a few highlights . . .

1.  Cut sponges in half.  Once you’re used to it, a full sponge feels like overkill.

2.  Never buy the newest tech.  A three-year-old iPhone is almost as good as a new one.  Their rule is replace your tech, but always stay three years behind.

3.  When you go out to eat as a couple, split one meal.  A lot of restaurant meals are too big anyway.  If you need more food, split an appetizer too.

4.  Switch back to bar soap.  It’s a lot cheaper than body wash and lasts longer.  Some people think it’s better anyway.

5.  Order your groceries online, but pick them up.  It saves on delivery fees, and you’ll spend less on impulse purchases than when you shop at the store.

6.  Slow down while driving, and don’t gun it at stop lights.  One person tested it and gained about three miles per gallon, which can add up.