Slash loves these things!

Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  Slash is not only the author of great guitar riffs, but he has something else that makes him excellent — he’s a huge pinball fan!  And along with GnR and Jersey Jack Pinball, he’s given all us other pinball fans a great gift.  Guns N’ Roses is out with its very own pinball machine and it was designed with Slash’s help!

It’s called the “Not In This Lifetime” pinball machine and is available in three editions, with a starting price tag of $6,750.  Of course, that’s if you want to buy it.  Once we can go to arcades again, it’ll cost much less than that to play.

The game is designed around a 21-song Guns N’ Roses setlist, features a concert stage and moving spotlights, plus voice recordings from Axl Rose, Dizzy Reed, and bassist Duff McKagan.  It also includes in-game sculptures like a screaming Axl Rose and Slash’s iconic top hat.

In fact, Slash was in Elk Grove Village this past week to promote the game!  Here’s the story: