Sleep! Gettin’ Much These Days?

So lemme ask….How are you sleeping these days. A lot on all of our minds and as we get older sleep seems to be something that’s not as friendly as it once was. Stress, the pandemic, your job, your family all come interplay on how much and how good we are resting. I remember falling asleep and waking the next day amazed that I’d just slept 8 or 9 hours straight. For me, not anymore. No trouble falling asleep it’s staying asleep that’s the trick. I’m able to fall back to sleep most of the time, but still the roll over and looking at the clock and heading back into dreamland happens more often than I’d like. I just saw some interesting statistics from a survey done by a site called Invisibly in Honor of National Sleep Awareness Month.

Here’s what Invisibly learned:

  • 82% aren’t sleeping well or thought their sleep patterns could be better.
  • Men are getting the best quality sleep at more than twice the rate of women and non-binary respondents.
  • 81% of people do not track their sleep with an app or other device.
  • Only 14% of respondents have a consistent daily sleep schedule.
The majority of respondents across all gender lines said that they frequently did not sleep well, waking up feeling tired and unrested. A significant portion of respondents, 81.7%, said that they did not usually sleep well and woke up tired and unrested, and feel their sleep could use some improvement. In total, only 18.3% of respondents said that they sleep “very well.”

Men reported getting the best quality sleep at more than double the amount of women, with 29% of male respondents saying they sleep very well, compared to only 13% of women and 11% that identify as non-binary.

Regarding how much sleep people get, most people report getting between 6-8 hours of sleep a night, but again, men reported getting the most sleep with 38% getting at least 8 hours a night compared to only 24% of women and 22% of non-bonary respondents.

Men also report having the most consistency in their sleep schedule at 3 times the rate of women and non-binary respondents. Women were the most likely to have a varied daily sleep schedule, and only 14% of all respondents reported having a consistent sleep schedule.

Oh and one tip….Don’t leave your TV on over night. It will wake you up and keep you from going back to sleep!