If you want to mix some ROCK AND ROLL with your HORROR this Halloween, check out this list of 13 musicians who appeared in horror movies, compiled by Billboard.com.

Alice Cooper“Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare”  (1991)

Not surprisingly, Alice has several more horror credits.  He was in John Carpenter’s 1987 flick “Prince of Darkness”, a no-budget 1984 Spanish werewolf movie called “Monster Dog.” The 2012 “Dark Shadows” remake, and the 2009 vampire movie “Suck”, which also included cameos from Henry Rollins, Moby, Iggy Pop, and Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson.

David Bowie“The Hunger”  (1983) (trailer above)

Debbie Harry“Videodrome”  (1983)

Dee Snider“Strangeland”  (1998)

Sting“The Bride”  (1985)

GENE SIMMONS and OZZY OSBOURNE“Trick or Treat”  (1986)

You can see clips of all of these (some contain NSFW language) at Billboard.com.