So doughnut holes are not just air?

OK, I don’t think that anymore.  But when I was a 9-year-old kid, well…

Once when my dad was downtown, he came back with a brown paper bag, gave it to me and said “Here’s some doughnut holes.”  I thought, Doughnut holes?  Isn’t that just the air in the middle of the doughnut?  How can you eat that?

Curious, I reached into the bag.  The first thing my hand found, and I didn’t know what it was, was a thin layer of “bakery paper” — that sort of thin parchment that bakeries put on top of whatever you buy.  Again, having no idea what a doughnut hole was, I pulled the paper out of the bag and looked at it, puzzled.  Doughnut holes, huh? I thought.

So I wadded up the paper and stuck it in my mouth!  I chewed on it a little bit, and it did have a slightly sweet taste, having picked up a little sugar from the actual doughnut holes.  But it really wasn’t very good.  And I didn’t swallow it, since it never really disintegrated — because it was PAPER!

I finally reached into the bag again and found these little balls of dough, which tasted pretty good.  They were much better than puffs of air or pieces of paper.

Live and learn.