So How Are You Feeling Today?

Hi this is Leslie Harris. Have you adjusted to the time change yet?

My sleep cycle has adjusted, but I’ve had this weird thing happen, that I don’t remember happening before. I guess I’ve been more cognizant of the time of day than I thought, because now all of a sudden my sense of time is way off.

I keep thinking I have more time than I do. This happened to me three times yesterday!

I love daylight saving time. I feel really happy in the summer when it stays light out until 9:00, but doctors say it’s not good for us to be changing our body clocks a couple of times a year. In fact, most actors agree that we should do away with daylight saving time, because the morning light is important to our circadian rhythms.

Most people I know would rather get rid of standard time. I wonder if that’s because we are so close to the Eastern Time zone. Think about it, many of our friends in Indiana have more daylight at the end of their day than we do.

I’m just so happy to have the daylight late in the day. I took a walk at 5:00 yesterday afternoon, and almost sang zippity Doo dah, plenty of sunshine in my way…

So how about it? Are you used to the change yet? Let me know in the Facebook comments