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So Jan didn’t think I was really sick yesterday

It wasn’t Jet lag, it wasn’t me faking sick yesterday…I actually had an adverse reaction to meds I was taking for an infection in my tooth.

Saturday night, as you can see, I was fine at the TriCity Family Services Gala.

I noticed I was a bit red that night but that night when I went to bed, my face itched and swelled up.  When I woke up I looked a bit swolt.  As funny as it was, I went to Emergency Care because my face problems actually woke me up and I was talking myself into believing I was having a heart attack or stroke.  My hands had small cuts in them and my entire body was that shade of red as well.  I have to admit, I was afraid of what it might be, but the Clindamycin was behind it all.


It’s amazing the way your mind can convince you that it is worse than it should be.  I was given steroids, told to take Benadryl and Pepcid-AC to help. Within 24 hours, my swelling went down and my face turned a lighter shade of red.

Glad to be back today and ready to have some fun!

You can make a joke about my face if you’d like.  Let’s have it.

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