If you haven’t seen the viral Vatican video making the rounds today, here it is:

The question is where do you fall on the actions of the Holy See. For me, it’s not a thumbs up or thumbs down situation. I feel most probably land on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the most horrific thing he could have done, five if he totally ignored it, and 10 being the most Christ-like thing he could have done.

I’m at a 4 on it.

It was clearly not his best moment as indicated by his apology. As a matter of fact, he’s responded with a lack of total patience before in similar situations, as noted in the CNN video above.

It also wasn’t so bad that it defies explanation. The guy was getting his arm ripped off by God-knows-who! You can understand if he loses his cool for a second…at least I can. Should he have done it? No. But he is just a guy, after all.

He’s cool in my book.

That lady needs to figure it out, though!