Solution Time!

Hey guys.  Yesterday afternoon, I posted in honor of National Proofreading Day.  I just rambled for a while about proofreading but asked if you could find all the mistakes in my post.  I found 18, and I re-posted it below with the mistakes in red.  A few are just plain misspellings, some are missing apostrophes (can’t forget those!), and some are real words but the wrong words.  I wasn’t worried about grammar or style mistakes because there are sometimes different opinions about that.

Check it out.  Who knows, maybe you found a couple that I didn’t catch!


Ive always beleived that proofreading would be something kind of up my alley.  You brows through text, catch other peoples mistakes, and feel like a hero!  The problem is, it’s won of the worst paying jobs!  And judging from what I see on some web sights or flyers or questionaires, you can tell it doesn’t pay much because some of the mistakes that slip threw are pretty glaring.  Cant people keep track of there own words?  Theirs got to be a way to due that!

Of course in some ways, you mite say that autocorrect has almost made proofreaders obsolete.  On the other hand, someone has to go over text and fix the mistakes that autocorrect made!  You know what I meme?

So do you figure you’ve got what it takes to be a profreader?  See how many of my typos and wrong words you can fine inn this post!  Right to me at [email protected].