Some Beauty For One And All!

I’ve shared personal insight and experiences here about family and friends and neighbors in the past. I wrote during the winter how my one neighbor, Eric, was so kind as to have plowed my driveway (which can be a real pain in the ass) several times this winter. Thanks pal. Very Cool! My neighbors on the on the other side, Matt and Delores, I’ve lived next to for 18 years. They’ve seen me through down times and single fatherhood, the loss of my son Spencer and many triumphs as well. Very kind and generous people. I am blessed. I wanted to share something they are sharing and it’s really very simple although it took a lot of work on their part. Now if you know me at all you know I’m a flower guy so this little treat is truly a delight. They have planted in the front of their lovely home masses of Tulips (direct of the Netherlands) and Daffodils and Hyacinths. The picture at the top of this page doesn’t really do them justice, but I think you can get some idea how lovely it all is. So thanks for sharing guys! Enjoy!