Some high voltage puzzles are on the way

One of the things that has entertained a lot of us during these days of lockdown or semi-lockdown is jigsaw puzzles.  There are ones that you can reasonably do and others that will drive you out of your gourd!  But since the quarantine is lasting longer than anyone expected, you’ll probably be glad to hear that a new set of AC/DC-themed puzzles is on the way in September!

The 500-piece puzzles will feature the covers to four classic AC/DC albums – High Voltage, For Those About To Rock, Blow Up Your Video, and Ballbreaker, spreading across both eras of AC/DC.

The puzzles will be released in September by Zee Productions, who previously released jigsaw puzzles for Metallica, Rush, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest.  Now that is a rockin’ company!

So what do you do with jigsaw puzzles after you finish them?  It seems to me like a good protocol to leave them sit on the table for at least 3 days to show the proper respect.  Especially in the case of these rock and roll puzzles.