Some of the Most Beautiful Cities are Right Here

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris. has come up with its list of the eight most beautiful cities in Illinois, and three of them are right here in the western suburbs.

I’ll start with the farthest one from our area, but one that I really love and that’s Oak Park. Full disclosure, one of my kids lives in Oak Park, but chose to live there because we’ve been going there for years. There’s beautiful architecture, including several structures designed by Frank Lloyd wright. There’s beautiful parks, shopping, dining, and the Oak Park Conservatory.

Next on the list is Naperville, with its beautiful Riverwalk, Centennial Beach, the Moser Tower and Millennium Carillon, and acres and acres of parks, and a great downtown.

The third suburb on that list of eight is Geneva. Geneva also has historic architecture, the Fabyan Villa Museum and Japanese garden and picturesque downtown with unique shops and restaurants.

All three of these towns have been destinations for myself, my friends and my family, and we’ve enjoyed them immensely.

Go to the Facebook comments, and tell me why you’re beautiful city should be on this list too!