Some Police Departments Will Test Your Illegal Drugs for Coronavirus, If You Want

I love when police departments have jokes!

Police departments all over the country are starting to offer a free public service to drug users who are worried about catching the coronavirus: They’ll test your meth to make sure it hasn’t been infected! That’s what I love about police officers…always willing to go the extra mile to help the community!

Dozens of other police departments posted similar messages. Police in Johnson City, Texas are even offering to make house calls for people who “want to keep their meth in the privacy of their own home.”

While police aren’t charging for the service, anyone who takes them up on the offer will likely still pay a pretty hefty price! Possession of more than five grams of meth carries a prison sentence of anywhere between five and 40 years, per federal law. There’s no word if any users took the bait.

I have to assume that departments here in the ‘burbs are offering similar services if called upon!