Some say, don’t be your own travel agent!

Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  I’m not much of a DIY-er.  I can change a light bulb or a tire, or even replace a light switch, but beyond that, I’d rather pay someone who knows what they’re doing.  Some people say you should do the same with travel, even in this age of doing everything for ourselves online.

While most of us have gotten used to booking tickets for a trip online, travel agents still exist. And there’s a good reason for that – even in 2020.

Problem with your flight getting canceled? A phone call to the agent could have you rebooked in no time while other passengers are still fighting at the ticket counter.

Sure, you could read through hundreds of reviews. But how many are actually accurate? Your travel agent already knows the best places to stay. And because they send lots of business to these places, they’re also able to unlock extra perks.  Forbes also notes that they can even score great deals without having to do the legwork yourself.

I guess I can see that.  A vacation is to get away from work, so why do all the work for your vacation?