Some Very Random Holiday Thoughts

So how’s it goin? Three weeks til Christmas Eve! Feelin’ any of that holiday stress yet? I’m actually holding up pretty well. Got about half the shopping done and the lights go up tomorrow. Don’t ya hate it when you test all those outside lights before and then after you put em up, a few in just the most inopportune places, don’t light up! The shopping hasn’t been as obtrusive or difficult as I’ve experienced in past years. The crowds haven’t been as bad and I only stood in one line for more than a few minutes. I am having some difficulty locating a Buzz Lightyear doll. Everybody seems to have sold out so I guess it’s online or SOL! Clerks have been helpful and pleasant. The parking…oh the parking, now that was a challenge! Do you set a budget and if you do are you able to tow the line or do you have buyers remorse come January? How bout the gift wrap thing? Do you pay extra to have someone else do that for you, at certain stores, or do you prefer the personal touch? Ya know, it’s funny, my mom was a world class wrapper, think red paper and gold ribbon not Enimen and she taught me the tricks of the trade, so to speak. I really was pretty good, could make those multiple ribbon bows and everything, but somewhere down the road that all went away. Now  I’m terrible at wrapping gifts! But hey it’s the thought that counts right!! Or at least the gift itself! Do you still send out Christmas or holiday cards? I use to send out hundreds, seriously! Now, just a number to special friends and family. Funny how we change our habits over the years. I am still a live tree guy though that’s not changing!!

Family on Christmas eve at fireplace. Kids opening Xmas presents. Children under Christmas tree with gift boxes. Decorated living room with traditional fire place. Cozy warm winter evening at home.

And Santa….Still My Guy!! When they say Christmas is for the kids, they’re right to a certain extent, but I think it’s for anyone who loves to see joy and happiness on the face of someone they love or can make smile. I am blessed with a couple of little magical munchies named Nathaniel and Kane (newly minted just last week) plus all my other grand kids, my kids and my lovely Susie, her family and great friends. I don’t lack the magic of the holidays and I hope you have an abundance of magic too!  Here’s hoping your holidays are warm, filled with family, friends and joy and with many smiles!



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