Someone Installed a Working Electrical Outlet…on a Traffic Light Pole!

Every now and then somebody does something that’s genius, even if it’s a little bit, you know, illegal.

Last week, police in Fort Walton Beach, Florida noticed that someone had installed an actual electrical outlet into a traffic light pole.  It was being used as a place to charge cell phones and other devices.

Supposedly, they didn’t access the electrical line that controlled the traffic lights.  Instead, they removed the crosswalk button, and used those wires to power the outlet, and then mounted the outlet on the pole.

The police posted a photo on Facebook and said, “While we really are in awe of the ingenuity here, we would like to send out a little reminder that damaging a traffic signal is a felony. . . please use your skills in a more useful manner.”

It doesn’t sound like the police have any leads on who installed the outlet, but it’s been removed and the crosswalk button has been replaced.  For what it’s worth, the area has a lot of panhandlers . . . so people seem to think that it was probably done by someone who didn’t have regular access to outlets.

Obviously safety wasn’t a big factor in this decision! If it was, they’d at least installed a GFCI outlet!