Something Stinks in St. Charles, Des Plaines and Mount Prospect!

From Today’s Daily Herald…(edited)

Something’s in the air — and suburbanites are crying foul.

Residents in Mount Prospect, Des Plaines and St. Charles are up in arms about odors wafting from nearby food producers. And some worry that local governments, eager to attract industry, are turning up their noses at concerns.

In Mount Prospect, residents have complained about Prestige Feed Products, which has operated since 2018 at 431 N. Lakeview Court in the Kensington Business Center. The company produces feed for swine, cattle and pet food markets, but the odor has left a bad taste in the mouths of some neighbors in the business park and across Wolf Road in Des Plaines.

In St. Charles, the Smithfield plant produces dried sausage, mainly pepperoni and salami, churning out about 137 million pounds of meat annually. Odors reach residents on the city’s east side.

The plant has drawn the attention of city council members, including Mark Foulkes, who said at a Government Operations Committee meeting, “Since the year has turned, I’ll guess once or twice a week, from where I’m living, I can smell something I should not be able to smell.”

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