So this week I had some out of town visitors from Kansas City visit Chicago.   It always does me good to see the city through someone else’s eyes because I realize how much I take it for granted.

I noticed that a lot, when we were walking around the Chicago Art Institute.   I mean it really is an amazing collections and my visitors jaws dropped several times when they would walk into a gallery and see some of the most famous works of art that they had grown up seeing only in books.   The Monet collection almost made my one friend cry.  We were lucky because there was also a Manet exhibit going on so lots of lovely impressionism.

I am not a huge fan of Picasso (I kinda love to hate Picasso) … but again the A.I. has such an impressive Picasso and modern art collection (Warhol, Pollock, Liechtenstein).  Then there is the Degas, VanGogh’s, the Renoir’s … the list goes on.   American Gothic and Sunday on La Grand Jatte always draw a crowd.   (and yes Ferris Bueller is always brought up.)

So I had a good reminder yesterday … and I wanted to pass it along.  We have one of the most amazing art collections on our doorstep.  If you haven’t visited in a while … go and have a look again … and then just smile at how lucky we are to have access to these masterpieces.