Spams, Scams & More. Watch Out!

Have you noticed a lot more spam calls and scam emails and a whole lotta shady stuff poppin’ up on the internet lately? I’ve been getting all sorts of wild texts about packages that need a conformation information page filled out (no package expected) or that there’s issues with my social security number or my phone number has been suspended and I need to call these people for help. Hey didn’t you just tell me my number was suspended? How am I supposed to call you then? Just asking! There are so many scams on the web and it’s so hard to tell what’s real and what’s not!! We were giving away a free download of the new Tom Hanks movie “News of  The World” last week which of course I was not eligible to participate in, but I’d heard about the movie having a free download on line so I went hunting. I found several, but each “free download” wanted me to set up an account that included a credit card. Hey, Free Download why do you need my card? Finally found one that was totally free (although it did have several I Bet commercials interrupting the movie and it was with Japanese subtitles. Hanks and all the actors did speak in English). Movie was quite good and in this case truly free so that was good. So many different ways for folks to take your money so here’s the suggestion. Before buying anything from a site you don’t know or a company you’ve never done business with, just because they have the best price, check the company out with the Better Business Bureau. They can tell you a lot about who, what, when where and why not here!

Better Business Bureau Click Here.