Spring Forward. Daylight Savings Time. Yea or Nay?

So Sunday morning at 2am we Spring Forward. Daylight savings time kicks in and as I like to put it, time for lighter, later, longer. Now that’s just me…I like it when it’s still light outside at 7pm when I get off the radio, but there are many folks who feel the changing of the clocks twice a year is not only silly but detrimental to our psyche. Now I dunno about that! All we do is loose one hour of sleep by setting our clocks ahead an hour (and remember you don’t have to get up at 2am to do that….you can set it ahead before you go to sleep….it’s OK, really) so it can stay lighter, later, longer. But I guess it would make sense to simply keep DST all the time! The argument will continue but let me give you some facts from some folks who’ve thought about this a lot more than I have.

Daylight Savings Time Facts Click Here.